Madidi National Park

The Madidi is the world’s most biodiverse area and is home to over 1,000 bird species (almost 7% of the world’s bird species). Its forests, jungle paths, fast-flowing rivers and the chance to come into contact with hundreds of different life forms at any given moment make a trip to the Madidi the trip of a lifetime.

Symphony of wildlife

The sun rising in the Tuichi Valley inside the Madidi sets off a symphony of wildlife as it wakes up: the first rays light up the wings of the macaws as they soar above the damp dawn mist clouds forming over the rainforest.

It’s almost impossible to miss the macaws, the trogons (quetzals, harpy eagles), see a jaguar run by, bump into a herd of wild boar, see different monkey species swing from tree to tree in search of fruit, and perhaps even spot a Golden Palace monkey (Callicebus auripalati), one of the latest species to be identified in this region.

Tacanas People

To complete the Madidi ecosystem, the Tacana native people that live there are our guides, with support from the jungle spirits, helping us on our journey to understanding how we are all part of something much bigger.

Days start early walking on paths around the lodge, heading back for breaks and meals. A cool dip in the lagoon brings the day to an end and, if you have the energy, a night trek will take you to where the caimans and other nocturnal species lurk.

A visit to the Madidi helps you to understand how all the elements in an ecosystem are interlinked, where you see how the smallest of insects to the largest of mammals form a single canopy teeming with life.

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