Noel Kempff Mercado National Park

As if plucked straight from the pages of The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle, the Noel Kempff Mercado National Park is dominated by a rocky outcrop called the Huanchaca Plateau which rises 500m above the Amazon forest and is covered with waterfalls plummeting from its heights and trees clinging to its slopes. This protected area is surrounded by rivers bravely explored by the most intrepid explorers, like Percy Fawcett who was one of the first to visit the area.

Hikes and boat rides

The majesty of nature is reflected in the Ahlfel and Arco Iris waterfalls, located in the north of this vast protected area covering 2 million hectares.

This region, originally inhabited by the Guarazug’we people, ends at the River Itenez, on the border with Brazil. Hikes and boat rides through the rainforest give you the chance to see an enormous amount of wildlife: monkeys, capibaras, caimans, giant otters and, if you’re lucky, jaguars can all be seen on the riverbanks, while pink dolphins play alongside your boat.


The magical sunsets on the wide Amazon rivers set the scene for watching a myriad of birds, amphibians, mammals, insects and tropical flowers go by.

There have been few scientific studies in the region but until now there are 149 mammal species, 677 bird species (20% of all species found in South America), 74 reptile species, 62 amphibian species, 250 fish species registered, a list of 347 insect species and around 4,000 vascular plant species.

The isolation of this protected area has definitely helped keep it pristine, relatively unexplored and one of the best places to watch wildlife undisturbed.

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