Pampas of Beni

The River Yacuma is easily one of the best places in the Amazon region to see different animals; its unique characteristics and the commitment of its local peoples have caused it to be declared a protected area (600 thousand hectares).

River Yacuma

There are surprises at every turn on the River Yacuma: a pink dolphin surfaces with a snort on one curve, after another a troop of squirrel monkeys (Saimiri boliviesis) plays on the overhanging branches, further on black caimans and alligators bask in the sun peacefully sharing the shore with families of capibaras. In the trees above, flocks of birds watch over the arrival of visitors whose only purpose is to watch the latest show that nature is putting on at that very moment.

The River Yacuma is part of the Mamoré-Madeira basin and its location in what is known as the temporary floodplains of Moxos, in the department of Beni, helps regulate the water flowing in from the Amazon.

Never-ending Adventure

This region is famous for its wildlife gathering on the banks of the river and on the few forested islands along the way.

The vegetation makes the trip along the River Yacuma a never-ending adventure where you can fish for piranhas, watch the wildlife, spot two endemic species of monkeys and the blue-throated macaw, track down an anaconda on the grassland pampas, and visit the forest islands to watch the birds.

At dusk you can stop at a wide pool formed by the river to watch one of the protected area’s most distinguished inhabitants, the playful pink river dolphin.

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